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Teaching Continuity Guide

This guide is to help prepare faculty to teach remotely in the event the campus is closed or they are unable to come to campus.

Record Your Lectures

Canvas Studio

If you regularly use direct instruction, lecture, or need to record content for your course, we recommend that you continue to do so using Canvas Studio. Studio allows you to record yourself with a webcam or record your screen so you can voice over any PowerPoint, presentation, or another resource. On Studio videos, you can enable comments so students can ask questions, discuss content, or interact with you/each other directly in the video. Canvas Studio also has the option to auto-caption with about 90% accuracy which helps us be compliant with accessibility requirements.

You may also ask your students to record themselves using Studio. Refer them to our Directions for Students to Record in Canvas Studio.

Learn more about Canvas Studio in this guide or see the tutorial video below.

Live Lectures

If you choose to continue hold classes during their regularly scheduled time, you can do so virtually. NNU usually uses BlueJeans for video conferencing. Unfortunately, we do not maintain licenses for whole campus use in the event of an emergency. If your department has a license to BlueJeans, please see your coordinator about using this resource to hold virtual live classes.

As a free alternative, Google Meet has similar capabilities as Blue Jeans and can be recorded if used in conjunction with Canvas Studio. See the video tutorial below for instructions on using Google Meet.

Keep in mind - Face-to-face students did not choose to enroll in an online program and may not have access to equipment to participate in a video conference for class. Be mindful of your student's capacity by asking them what is do-able before creating requirements.


Managing Canvas Studio Videos

Creating Videos and Content with Canvas Studio

Creating Virtual Meetings