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Teaching Continuity Guide

This guide is to help prepare faculty to teach remotely in the event the campus is closed or they are unable to come to campus.

Equipment & Software Check

In the event that work or teaching is disrupted due to campus closure or prolonged absence, you may need to work or teach from off-campus. There are a variety of tools you can use to continue working and teaching remotely. To prepare, please check the following items and make arrangements for getting help with missing tools or resources. You should have the following equipment and software at home:

  • Laptop or desktop computer (see below)
  • Microphone - this could be part of your laptop or computer or an external device that plugs into your laptop/computer
  • Webcam - this could be part of your laptop or computer or an external device;
  • Internet - either wireless or wired, commercially provided (Sparklight/Century Link) or a wireless hotspot through your mobile phone
  • Canvas Studio - Canvas' video recording software. If you need to record your screen, you will need to have the software downloaded (see below)

It is best to be prepared by testing these items before you need to rely on them. Use the form embedded below to request assistance with any missing items.

Need Canvas Studio?

If you just want to record yourself talking via a webcam, you can do so inside Canvas without downloading any software. If you would like to record your screen and have not previously downloaded Canvas Studio, you will need to do so. Visit this guide regarding Canvas Studio including installation instructions.

Installing Studio & Administrative Access

IT has restricted admin access for NNU managed devices to protect the campus from downloading software that may be malicious or dangerous to our network. If you have an NNU managed Windows laptop or computer, please download Canvas Studio from the NNU Applications folder on your desktop (red shield icon). You will need to download it while you are on-campus. Otherwise, contact IT Services for installation assistance.

If you are downloading it on a personal device or an NNU Mac, you do not need to be on-campus or have ITS assistance. Instead, go to Canvas > click on Studio in the main menu bar on the left > Click Record > Screen Capture and you will be prompted to download Studio the first time you use it.

Contact Us

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