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Teaching Continuity Guide

This guide is to help prepare faculty to teach remotely in the event the campus is closed or they are unable to come to campus.


This page will be updated with frequently asked questions for the convenience of the campus community to see responses to their peer's questions and concerns.

What is Academic Continuity?

Academic continuity is the continuation of instruction and learning at NNU in the event that the campus is closed or unavailable or an instructor is unable to physically be in class. Typically, this means teaching face-to-face courses remotely. Continuity can be the result of a campus-wide emergency, natural disaster, pandemic illness, or simply a prolonged absence of a professor.

What is Instructional Design & Technology?

The Center for Instructional Design & Technology (IDT) is a department in Academic Services that provides support for faculty designing their instruction (teaching & learning) and their use of technology in the classroom. In regards to academic continuity, our role is to help facilitate the faculty's transition to teaching remotely. We are here to help you figure out how to continue to teach in a different mode of instruction and point you to resources that can help you during this shift.

How should faculty communicate with students about Academic Continuity?

Faculty should over-communicate detailed instructions on how students access course materials via Canvas, how they complete the remaining assignments, and how they can best contact you. It is likely that you will need to adjust how and what you teach. Communicate these new expectations and procedures to students.

I have never or rarely use Canvas, where can I get help?

The Center for Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) has resources to help you. Canvas provides step-by-step guides and we have 24/7 phone and chat support for Canvas. See the Support Resources section of this guide for the instructor and student guides and Canvas support contact information.

What are other institutions doing for Academic Continuity planning?

We are not alone! Please refer to the Additional Resources section of this guide for a curated list of outside resources. You can also view this Google spreadsheet with links to Academic Continuity resources from other institutions, many of whom also use Canvas.

What if I or my students have technical issues?

If the issue is within Canvas, you and students can use the Canvas 24/7 support resources. If Canvas points you to contact NNU's Canvas administrator, email or submit a help ticket saying you need help with Canvas at

It is is a non-Canvas technical issue, please submit a help ticket at