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Art & Design

A guide for finding art resources and information

Google Arts and Culture

Google and Art Museums all over the world have worked together to create on-line galleries showcasing over 30,000 pieces of art. Much like Google Maps, Google Art Project allows the user to take virtual tours of galleries, create on-line collections of their own and zoom in to view individual art pieces. Search by collection, artist or artwork. Be aware that not all museums are complete in their tour or the artwork shown. Each individual museum was able to determine what areas of the museum and which artwork was included.

Access Google Arts & Culture

Other Online Sources

  • smarthistory is an interactive digital textbook that offers students the opportunity to explore a virtual art "museum" with expert guides in the form of conversational videos about art. Explore an interactive timeline of art history to watch "conversational interpretation" video talks by art experts or to read essays.

  • Artcyclopedia is a database of over 7,500 artists. You can search by name, medium, subject, or movement. There are links to sites with information about the artists
  • Art History Resources on the Web is a directory of art history resources on the web arranged by movements/periods, under which individual artists are also listed. Some of the entries have brief descriptions.

  • The Classical Art Research Center (Oxford University) covers ancient art with a focus on pottery, plaster casts, gem engravings, and antiquarian photos

  • Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History (Metropolitan Museum of Art) pairs essays and works of art with chronologies, telling the story of art and global culture through the Museum’s collection.