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Art & Design

A guide for finding art resources and information

What is Art?

Search Suggestions

Search by both the artist's name and the art piece.  If you don't find anything, try keywords for:

  • type of art
  • genre of art
  • medium


Where to search:

Artists and their exhibitions are frequently reviewed in publications such as the New York Times, the New Yorker, and Wall Street Journal. Use either the ALL EBSCO or ALL ProQuest database (links are in the top right column, under "Popular Databases") and select all the databases in the list when prompted.

When searching for books, use keywords such as "contemporary art" or "art history."  Pull some of the titles from the shelf and check the indexes in the back of these books to see if your art or artist shows up in the volume.

There are some great art books in the Ebook reference collection and your search is checking the full text of every book -- so check your results carefully.  It might look like something is a "false hit," but on closer examination, it might include a small paragraph referencing your artist or their art.

The links included in this guide have been reviewed by librarians and Art experts.