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A guide for locating sources supporting Education and related subjects.

NNU Riley Library Teacher Education Curriculum Center

The NNU Riley Library's Curriculum Collection is comprised of four parts:  

  • Curriculum (adopted by the state of Idaho Department of Education)
  • Teacher/Instructional Resources
  • Fiction, Non-fiction, Big Books, Picture books
  • Young Adult Fiction and Non-fiction

You will find these resources on the 2nd floor of the Learning Commons (west end), just behind the print journals. Some copies of children's books may also be available as eBooks.

Items labeled with Childlit or YA will be organized using the Dewey Decimal Classification system. Non-fiction items will be arranged by subject and author (e.g., 973.2 Buck). Works of fiction are arranged by author and title (e.g., Milne A Winnie). This differs from the rest of the library, which is organized using the Library of Congress (LC) Classification system.

NNU Riley Library's Curriculum Collection Snapshots

Picture of education curriculum


A collection of curriculum adopted by the state of Idaho. Items are arranged by subject, grade level, and publisher. The date on the spine label is the year the curriculum was adopted, not the date published.


Non-fiction items are arranged by subject using the Dewey Decimal Classification system. These items are on the first range of shelving on both the front and back sides. 

Pic of fiction

Works of fiction are shelved according to author last name, first initial, title. Fictional works are located on the range of shelving between the Dewey Decimal nonfiction and the YA collection.

pic of YA collection

A small collection of YA (young adult) fiction and non-fiction. These items are located on the last range of shelving, on the shelves closest to the wall.