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General Education

General Education at NNU

According to the mission statement, Northwest Nazarene University offers an undergraduate curriculum that "is designed to instill a habit of mind that enables each student to become God's creative and redemptive agent in today's world." This curriculum provides both depth (the student's major field of study) and breadth (the General Education Program) to nurture our students' highest intellectual, physical, and spiritual development.

The General Education Program is the foundation of all undergraduate education at Northwest Nazarene University. It purposely expresses, through curriculum, the mission of the University as a Christian liberal arts institution in the Wesleyan heritage. The objective of the General Education Program is to provide a common experience for the personal and intellectual growth of each student. Students are brought into contact with the great persons, ideas, and movement of human culture and the Christian faith. The curriculum is intellectually challenging and designed to set the tone for all courses at the University.

General Education Council 2022-2023


The General Education Council is made up of voting representatives from the each of the colleges as well as a representative from the non-traditional undergraduate programs.  Included in the council are non-voting participants including the Registrar, the Global Connections Coordinator, the NNU Online Director, a Deans Council representative, and the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

Monthly Meetings

During the 20-21 Academic Year, the General Education Council meets virtually on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 11:00 am, except for the months of December and March.


Yes Arts and Humanities Catherine Becker {chair}
Yes Arts and Humanities Stephen Morgan
Yes Business David Chaplin
Yes Behavioral and Social Sciences Sarah DeBoard Marion
Yes Education Jennifer Cornell
Yes Natural and Applied Sciences Dale Hamilton
Yes Natural and Applied Sciences Ben Gall
Yes Nursing Josh Daniels
Yes Theology and Christian Ministries Joseph Bankard
Yes Academic Services Mark Michealson
Yes APP Director Holly Ripley
No Registrar Heidi Zickefoose
No Director of NNU Online Duane Slemmer
No Director of Global Connections Chadwick Pearsall
No Dean's Council Jamee Nixon
No Vice President of Academic Affairs Brad Kurtz-Shaw