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NNU Cultural Competency Program

A guide for the NNU Cultural Competency Program

Approved Courses

Approved Cultural Competency (CC) Courses

All courses are approved as of the 2020-2021 catalog or later. Courses that were taken prior to 2020-2021 will not be granted automatic Cultural Competency status.

Cultural Competency Courses (CC) by Category 

Department or Major Specific Courses:

These courses are designed for specific majors and may require prerequisites. 

BSNS4600. Global Business Strategies (3)
BSNS4605. Global Business Strategies (3)
BSNS4590. Global Marketing (3)
EDUC2250. Cultural Diversity in Education (2) 
EDUC3175. Teaching Diverse Learners (3)
EDUC3310. Teaching English Language Learners (1) 

EDUC3410. English Language Learners and Content Literacy in Secondary Classrooms (3)
ENGR4971. Senior Design Project/Capstone I (2)
MILS3900. Military Science Practicum (3)
NURS4010. Nursing of Diverse Populations in the Community (4)
NURS4114. Nursing of Diverse Communities and Populations (4)
PRTH2405. Christian Missions (3) 

PRTH2420. Missional Church I: Intercultural and Global Perspectives (3)
PRTH3755. Compassionate Ministries (3) 
PSYC4112. Human Diversity (3) 
SOWK2851. Human Behavior and the Social Environment II: Issues of Diversity (3)
SOWK2970. Urban Field Experience (1)

General Education Courses:

These courses count both as general education courses and Cultural Competency courses.

BIOL1030. Earth Science (3) - Science Elective
CLTA1550. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)- Social Science Elective

CLTA3180. Race, Class, and Gender (3) - Social Science Elective
ENGL4270 or ENGL4270W: Minority Voices in American Literature (3)- Literature or ENGL "W" elective
SOGY1015. Exploring Cultural Anthropology (3)- Social Science Elective
THEO3630. Exploring Western World Religious Traditions (3) - Upper-Division Bible/Theology Elective
THEO3640. Exploring Eastern World Religious Traditions (3) - Upper-Division Bible/Theology Elective

THEO3730. Theology and Practice of Compassion (3)- Upper-Division Bible/Theology Elective

Elective Courses:

COMM1050. Nonverbal Communication in Culture (1)
HIST3094B. African-American History (3)

HIST3840. The Holocaust (3)
SPAN1010. Elementary Spanish (4) 
SPAN1020. Elementary Spanish (4) 
SPAN2010. Intermediate Spanish (4) 
SPAN2020. Intermediate Spanish (4) 
SPAN3010. Advanced Conversation and Composition (3)
SPAN3310. Hispanic Civilizations (3)


Courses will be added as they are approved. 

Cultural Competency Experience Courses

Approved Cultural Competency Experience (CE) Courses

Cultural Competency Experience Courses

ARDE3094B. Art and Architecture of Europe (3)- Art/Music History Credit
BIBL3810. The Bible and the Holy Lands (3)- Upper Division Bible/Theology Elective
BIOL3250L. Tropical Ecology Lab (1)
COMM3200. Intercultural Communication (3)

HUMN1060. University-Sponsored Travel (0-1)

Directed Research or Internship

Directed Research or Internship Courses

Faculty-directed research or internship courses may receive the CC or CE designation as long as the following requirements are met:

  1. The course meets the outlined outcomes for CC or CE designation.
  2. The experience is directed and overseen by a faculty member and the faculty member completes the necessary training and supervisory tasks, including Cultural Competency instruction in the course.
  3. The course is proposed and accepted by the GEC.
  4. Course assessment procedures are implemented.

 An example of an individualized experience: A student is partnering with Biology faculty to conduct summer research in Costa Rica.