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Managerial Economics (ECON3150)

A guide for Managerial Economics (ECON 3150)

Selecting A Company

Browse the following to find companies or industries for your project:

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What is a Strategic Audit? - Key Points

A strategic audit is a thorough assessment of the overall economic health of a company.  6 main aspects should be examined in the process of doing thorough strategic audit or your business.

  1. Resource Audit - What assets, supplies, resources does the company own or have access to via partnerships?
  2. Value Chain Analysis - Which activities is the company good at doing itself and which are best provided by others outside the company?
  3. Core Competencie Analysis - What gives the company an advantage over its competitors?
  4. Performance Analysis - How has the company performed over time and/or how does it perform compared to the best in the industry?
  5. Portfolio Analysis - Which markets is the company currently in?  Are there others that could or should be targeted?  Are they in markets where they don't belong?
  6. SWOT Analysis - Overall look at the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

Adapted from  For more detailed information see the tutor2u website.