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Subject Area Tutoring

A guide for finding tutoring resources and information


CASA Services


is located in the library near the stairs to the second floor across from The Bean.

Main Contact
Writing Center Services Mark Michaelson |
Subject Area Tutoring

Joe Willey |

Tutor calendars are in the tab above

Testing Center Rosa Sandoval |
Academic Success Coach Lance Howard |
Academic Success Coach Elena Willey |
Disability Support Services Heidi Tracht |
Math Center JJ Bowerman|
Scheduling & Advising

Peer-Led Study Sessions: 

Gen Chem II


Also, check out the Crash Course Chemistry Playlist 

A&P II   with Dylan Breuer



Crash Course A&P Playlist

Gen Bio II with Kieran Kransow and Tamar Yalenga

Weekly meetings:

Wednesdays 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm in Thomas 235 with Kieran

Thursdays 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm in Thomas 235 with Tamar

Crash Course Biology Playlist

Genetics  (Fall)


Genetics Basics Playlist

Northwest Nazarene University Tutor Directory

NNU tutors are available for NNU students. If you are looking for some support in other areas such as SAT, MCAT, or K-12, see our Off-Campus Resources below. Also, Crash Course has many playlists that cover subjects with more visuals and explanations that can help. 

Tutors are available in a wide variety of subjects as a service to NNU undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in NNU classes. NNU students may schedule tutors at no cost. Tutoring is available in-person and online. See the calendars below. If you need tutoring on a subject that is not listed, contact your department to see if a T/A is available, or stop by CASA to ask about tutors. If no tutor is available, try the Feynman Technique with 1-2 other students from your class. 

If you are interested in becoming a tutor at NNU, please fill out the Tutor Application.

Meet the Tutors



Booking Link

Anatomy & Physiology / Pathophysiology Dylan Breuer Dylan's Calendar
Anatomy & Physiology / Pathophysiology Faith Lim Faith's Calendar
Accounting Zakaria Daaou Email for appointment:
Biology Dylan Breuer Dylan's Calendar
Biology (Gen Bio 2) Tamar Yalenga  
Biology (Gen Bio 2) Kieran Kranzow Email for appointment:
Business Law Joseph Fruehauf Joseph's Calendar
Chemistry Dylan Breuer Dylan's Calendar
Chemistry Joan Woods Joan's Calendar 
Chemistry / Gen Chem Emma Ellison Email for appointment:
Chemistry / Gen Chem /O-chem Faith Lim Faith's Calendar
Chemistry / O-Chem  Dylan Breuer Dylan's Calendar
Conflict and Consensus   Contact History Department
Economics David Mackinnon David's Calendar
Engineering Eli Mounts Eli's Calendar
Math Abbie Shewmaker Email for appointment:
Math Eli Mounts Eli's Calendar
Math Brandon Ohrberg Brandon's Calendar
Music Theory Bobby Ellis Bobby's Calendar
Nursing / FUND skills / Pharma Ashton LaNier Ashton's Calendar
Nursing / Pharma Katie Asdell

Email for study session time.

Nursing Fundamentals / Health Assessment  Mayghann Gallagher Mayghann's Calendar
Nursing / Pharma Rachel Campbell-White Email for study session time. 
Philosophy Critical Reasoning Kieran Kranzow Email for appointment:
Physics Eli Mounts Eli's Calendar
Statistics / Elementary or Business Abbie Shewmaker Abbie's Calendar
Writing Consultation Writing Center View the Writing Center calendar to book an appointment!

Study Resources

Pomodoro Timer | Free SVG

Limit your study time. Put a fence around it so it does not get out of hand.

Open-ended study times or cramming can be unproductive and divide your attention. 

Try the Pomodoro Technique (tomato timer).

Put your distractions away and focus for one to three 25-minute study chunks with 5-minute breaks in between. 

Online Pomodoro timers:

Video of how to use the Pomodoro Technique

Plan your study throughout your week. You never will eat all your meals for the semester the first time you visit the DEX or cram them all in on the last day because you still have meals on your meal plan.  You need to eat a few times a day. Think of your study like that. Chunk your study time so you are actively recalling the information over time allowing for more long-term memory. 

Need a weekly schedule to plan with? Try this Daily/Weekly Schedule in Excel.

Also, visit CASA for a Semester-At-A-Glance to put all your tests, papers, and major assignments from all your classes on one page. Use colors to help you see each class. This will help you see your weekly priorities.

Helpful Links

CASA Resources for Study spreadsheet with many collected resources by subject. Sign in to your account to access. 

RemNote Allows you to take outline-style notes in your browser and make flashcards for studying. 

7 Evidence-Based Study Strategies (& How to Use Each)

Microsoft 365 Training 

College Info Geek | Check out his free ebook 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades

Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

5 Lessons from "The Power of Habits"

The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers

Studygs is an old website that was archived on the WayBackMachine and has loads of good content about studying. Give it time to load. It has to think.

Off-Campus / Online Resources

  • ACT website: Preparing for the ACT, practice test questions, test tips, test descriptions – FREE.  
  • CollegeBoard website: Parent organization to AP and SAT. Many college prep and planning resources.
  • Khan Academy website: SAT test prep, Math, Reading, and Writing Practice  
  • March2Success website: Sponsored by the U.S. Army – 7 ACT and SAT practice tests, ACT/SAT flashcards, “Zero Hour” Test prep video game. 
  • website: Select Free ACT Prep or SAT prep  
  • A game to practice vocabulary and provide free food as you play:
  • SAT Vocabulary:
  • SAT Vocabulary:
  • SAT website: The Official Question of the Day, sample SAT questions, full SAT practice test (Can enter answers online, online practice test score report, view answer explanations and sample essays)
  • SmartScholar SAT preparation guide: A collection of links and resources to help you prepare for the SAT
  • website: Click on the ACT or SAT tab. Free tutorials, practice tests, test information, and test preparation.

Tutoring Services Administrator


Joe Willey, M.A.