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Subject Area Tutoring

A guide for finding tutoring resources and information



is located in the library near the stairs to the second floor across from The Bean.

Main Contact
Writing Center Services Mark Michaelson |
Subject Area Tutoring

Joe Willey |

Tutor calendars are below

Testing Center Rosa Sandoval |
Academic Success Coach Elena Willey |
Disability Support Services Heidi Tracht |
Math Center JJ King |
Scheduling & Advising

Peer Led Study Sessions: 

Gen Chem 1 (Chem 2210) with Emma Ellison  

Mondays 7-8 pm in Thomas 241

A&P and Gen Bio alternate each week with Dylan Breuer

Thursdays 6:30-8:30 pm in Stroup in the library

Dates / Times


Subject To be Covered

Oct 6     6:30-8:30p



Oct 13   6:30-8:30p


Human A+P

Oct 20   6:30-8:30p



Oct 27   6:30-8:30p


Human A+P

Nov 3    6:30-8:30p



Nov 10  6:30-8:30p


Human A+P

Nov 17  6:30-8:30p



Dec 1    6:30-7:30p


Biology (FInals prep)

Dec 1    7:30-8:30p


Human A+P (Finals prep)

Dec 8    6:30-7:30p

Thomas 242

Biology (Finals Prep) 

Dec 8    7:30-8:30p

Thomas 242

Human A+P (Finals prep) 


Tutor Directory

Northwest Nazarene University Tutor Directory

NNU tutors are available for NNU students. If you are looking for some support in other areas such as SAT, MCAT, or K-12, see our Off-Campus Resources below.

Tutors are available in a wide variety of subjects as a service to NNU undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in NNU classes. NNU students may schedule tutors at no cost. Tutoring is available in-person and online. See their calendars below. If you need tutoring on a subject that is not listed, contact Tutoring Services Administrator Joe Willey at

If you are interested in becoming a tutor at NNU, please fill out the Tutor Application.



Booking Link

Anatomy & Physiology Dylan Breuer Dylan's Calendar
Anatomy & Physiology Shea Gautier Email for appointment:
Biology Dylan Breuer Dylan's Calendar
Biology Shea Gautier Email for appointment:
Chemistry Dylan Breuer Dylan's Calendar
Chemistry / Gen Chem Emma Ellison Email for appointment
Computer Science (C++) Bryn Gautier Bryn’s calendar
Computer Science Bryn Gautier Bryn’s calendar
Conflict and Consensus   Contact History Department
Economics Cole Evarts Text 805-804-7778 Please send your name and inquiry
Elementary Stats   TBD
Engineering Eli Mounts Eli's Calendar
Engineering Evan Hardison Evan's Calendar
Engineering Sam Mark Sam’s calendar
History Ian Maupin Ian’s calendar
Math Eli Mounts Eli's Calendar
Math Evan Hardison Evan's Calendar
Music Theory Bobby Ellis Bobby's Calendar
Music Theory Noah Lotter Email for an appointment:
Nursing/Pharma/Med Surg Malia Wenger Malia’s calendar
Physics Eli Mounts Eli's Calendar
Physics Sam Mark Sam’s calendar
Writing Consultation Writing Center View the Writing Center calendar to book an appointment!

Links to Study Tips and Strategies

Limit your study time. Put a fence around it so it does not get out of hand. Open-ended study times or cramming can be unproductive and divide your attention. Try the Pomodoro Technique (tomato timer). Put your distractions away and focus for one to three 25-minute study chunks with 5-minute breaks in between. 

Pomodoro Timer | Free SVG

An online pomodoro timer:

Or one with lofi beat or white noise waves. Kaizen Flow

Video of how to use the Pomodoro Technique

Plan your study throughout your week. You never will eat all your meals for the semester the first time you visit the DEX or cram them all in on the last day because you still have meals on your meal plan.  You need to eat a few times a day. Think of your study like that. Chunk your study time so you are actively recalling the information over time allowing for more long-term memory.  Need a weekly schedule to plan with? Try this Daily/Weekly Schedule in Google Sheets.


7 Evidence-Based Study Strategies (& How to Use Each)


A Google doc from CASA with many collected resources by subject.

CASA Resources for Study

Off-Campus Resources

Tutoring services that can help you find 1:1 tutors and more.


Skills and other Resources

Tutoring Services Administrator


Joe Willey, M.A.