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Learn about library research and formatting citations

Zotero playlist tabbed

This video will show you the features of the Zotero plugin in Microsoft Word, but the instructions are also similar to the instructions for the Zotero plugin in Google Docs. For more information on Google Docs integration, click the link below for the Zotero forum.


Zotero works at its best with a regular computer (as opposed to a slimmed-down computer such as a Chromebook or a Microsoft Surface), the Zotero Standalone, and the Zotero browser extension. However, you may find you need an alternative way to generate citations. The video below demonstrates how to manually add a citation and list of references from Zotero. 

Note: because all your Zotero information is saved on the Zotero site, you can also create a citation directly from the website. This comes in handy when you are using a mobile device or otherwise do not have access to a regular computer.