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Open Educational Resources

Why should you choose OER?

From Thoughts on Open slide presentation by David Wiley CC BY 4.0

Textbook prices have increased at a much higher rate to that of inflation in the past 20 years. The majority of students have decided against buying a textbook for a class due to expense. For more information check out these articles and reports:

How can faculty save students money?

Here are some tips for faculty:

  • Consider developing a course using OER materials -- even if it is a small amount of OER material.
    • If you need help adding OER materials into your course, talk to a librarian or a Canvas expert.
  • Adopt previously used books for future quarters as often as possible.
  • Before adopting a new edition of a textbook, make sure the changes from the previous edition are significant enough to make a difference in the course.
  • Evaluate textbook “bundles” carefully to ensure that bundled materials will be used in the course.
  • Submit course book adoptions by the due dates.