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Scholarly or Popular? Tips for evaluating websites

The Internet is loaded with helpful resources, but remember to evaluate all information with these standards in mind:

  1. Purpose:  Does the level of discourse and presentation indicate that this is a scholarly site?
  2. Authority:  Is the author/creator a recognized expert in the field?  What are the academic credentials?
  3. Accuracy:  Are there obvious errors in content, grammar, spelling?
  4. Bias:  Is the presentation balanced with differing points of view and respectful tone?
  5. Timeliness:  When was the site last updated?

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Search

Using Google Scholar will limit your search of the web to scholarly materials and help you to avoid commercial and unreliable sources. 

Google Scholar and Riley Library unite!

When you are on campus, Google Scholar results automatically display a Full Text @ Riley Library link if the library has access to a particular article.

If you are off campus, use instructions in the link below to do a one-time setup of Google Scholar on your home computer or device.

Global Business links - Hand picked just for you!

Working papers and other research shared by others


Please note: some of what is shared on these networks are works in progress, non-published, or not-yet-published works. If you are uncertain about using one of these sources in your research, consult your professor or a librarian.

Understanding types of sources on the internet