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COMM 2120 (Communication Activities)

A guide for COMM 2120 (Communication Activities)

Database Search Hints

Not enough search results, try broadening your search:

Example: Prayer OR Healing (searches for either term)

                Prayer OR Heal* (captures any form of the word, "heal, healing, heals, healed")

Too many results, try narrowing your search:

Example: Prayer AND Healing

                (Prayer AND heal*) AND Christ* (captures any form Christian, Christianity, etc.)

Also, consider specific terms for topics:

Example: Education (use terms like: instruction, pedagogy, teachers, students, lessons, college, elementary, etc.)

                Religion (use terms like: Bible, theology, Christianity, Islam, "sacred practices", clergy, pastor, minister, etc.)

                Business (use terms like: leadership, economics, entrepreneurship, etc.)

                Computer Science/Engineering (use terms like: "artificial intelligence," "programming language," robotics, etc.)



General/Multidisciplinary Databases

Different databases provide access to different types of information. It is important to know the nature of your topic so you can select the best database for locating information to enhance your presentation. Some databases, such as Academic Search Complete, are more general in nature - covering a variety of topics. 

Subject Specific Databases

Some databases, such as ATLA Religion, are subject/discipline-specific - offering access to information/scholarship within a specific subject matter. The list below is a short list of subject-specific databases available through NNU Riley Library. For more, visit the Databases A to Z section of the library's website.