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Social Work

If your major is Social Work or you are in the NNU MSW program, this is your one-stop shop for library resources to complete your projects

Interlibrary Loan FAQ

1. How long does it take to get items requested through interlibrary loan? For journal articles, it can take anywhere from a couple of hours to 5-days. For books and other materials, it can be anywhere from 5 to 15 business days.

2. If I lose the journal article requested or forget to download it, can I request it again? As a matter of practice, the library does not process requests for the same article by the same person within a given year. Copyright restricts the number of times articles can be requested from any given journal in a given year. If the library exceeds that number, there is a per article fee that has to be paid. 

3. How are articles I request delivered? You will receive an email from either OR In both cases, you will be given a code to enter to retrieve the article. Make sure to download the article to your device or to Zotero. The download code is only valid for 30-days or five (5) views, whichever comes first.

4. Do I have to return articles I request through interlibrary loan? No, articles requested through interlibrary loan do not have to be returned. They are yours to keep until you decide to delete them.

5. If I am an online student and don't live close to NNU how do I get items I request sent to me? Make sure to note in the request that you are a distance student and you would like items mailed to you (please include your current mailing address). You are responsible for mailing the materials back to the NNU Riley Library by the specified date due. 

6. If I need an item longer is it possible to extend the date due? Sometimes. The lending library sets the lending period. In some cases, it will be noted on the borrowing slip "No Renewal" or "No Extensions." If it is not noted on the borrowing slip on the item, you can email to request a renewal. It is best to request a renewal a few days prior to the item being due.

How to Request Items from Another Library

Interlibrary Loan: 3 Ways to Request

1. Request from the library system (catalog)

2. Request from EBSCO or ProQuest databases

3. Fill Out a Form

If you find information in another source such as Google Scholar, fill out one of these forms.