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Accessibility Guide for Digital Content

Creating accessible content is not just for students with disabilities but benefits all learners. Learn how to design course content or documents to be accessible.

Recorded Accessibility Trainings

The following training sessions were recorded in Spring 2018. Although the principles of creating digitally accessible content remain the same, some tools shown may have changed.

Accessibility 101: Web Pages

  • Federal laws related to accessibility
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Basics of creating accessible web pages
    • Headings
    • Images
    • Color and Contrast
    • Links

Accessibility 102: Documents

  • Rationale for accessibility
  • Building accessible documents in Microsoft Word
    • Headings
    • Images, graphs, charts
    • Links
    • Formatted text, e.g. numbering, bulleted
    • Tables
    • MS Word Accessibility Checker
  • Creating accessible PDFs

Accessibility 103: Videos

  • Description vs. captioning
  • Captioning tools
  • Evaluating media for accessibility

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